Vine Stock 1 at Block 242

With so many style and flavor possibilities in Sauvignon Blanc, Noble Vines selected two vine stocks to grow at our vineyard block 242, which gives this wine its number. This sunny, protected location is an ideal spot for a zesty, sophisticated Sauvignon Blanc, from which its innate citrus and herb aromas and flavors spring, with crushed granite-like minerality on the finish to reveal its noble origins. 

The primary vine stock in this wine is Sauvignon Blanc 1, which is the most widely planted Sauvignon Blanc in California, and for good reason.  At a blind tasting conducted by members of the American Vineyard Foundation, Sauvignon Blanc 1 was the top rated for wine quality and production per vine. This origins of this vine stock are unknown, but some reports indicate that it was imported in the 1800s from the illustrious Chateau Yquem vineyard in France. This clone has performed well in California, but it is perhaps best known as the basis of the very successful New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc industry.

Selection 1 Sauvignon Blanc is blended with a small amount of Sauvignon Musque. This intriguing selection has pronounced floral aromatics, and lends “oiliness”, or thicker mouthfeel, to the blend. It has also bears a certain muskiness, which adds further interest and complexity to Noble Vines 242.