Vine Stock 337

Vine stock 337 originated in Bordeaux, France, where it has been a vine of choice among the first growth chateaus for generations. In California, Noble Vines strives to honor this esteemed vine stock by matching it to where it will flourish best at our carefully chosen family-owned vineyards.

In 1999 we planted this venerable vine at our Clay Station vineyard in Lodi, California. It grew so well here that several Napa Valley wineries bought the grapes to fill in their blends - until we redirected these grapes for our very first Noble Vines release in 2004.  Since then, Clay Station’s 337 vines have continued to be the bedrock of Noble Vines’ Cabernet Sauvignon program.

There are 104 Cabernet Sauvignon vine stocks registered at the National Grape Registry at U.C. Davis. They came from France, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Germany and California. Selection 337 was classified in California at U.C. Davis in the 1990’s.

What distinguishes vine stock 337 from other Cabernet Sauvignons? Cabernet Sauvignon 337 thrives particularly in clay and rocky clay soils, in areas with low moisture and moderate Mediterranean climates. Hence, it is well-suited not just to Bordeaux, but also our aptly named Clay Station vineyard in Lodi, with its red clay soils on a knoll that is cooled by the winds blowing in from San Francisco Bay.

337 Cabernet Sauvignon produces small berries and moderate yields. Its wines are dense, complex, and highly aromatic, with supple tannins and balanced acidity. Compared to, for example, the traditionally austere Cabernet Sauvignon vine stock 6, selection 337 offers a lush, full flavor profile. Core flavors include black cherry, blackberry, and cassis, intertwined with sweet herbs and black pepper.