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Noble Vines come from vine stocks originating from the most esteemed vineyards, including the grand châteaux of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Alsace.

These precious vines produce wines of superior quality and have been granted numbers to distinguish them.

But they grow well only in very specific conditions, so Noble Vines has matched each vine to its ideal site in California, for superior expressions of each variety.


We farm the Noble Vines Collection in the red, cobblestone soils of our family-owned vineyards in Lodi and on the gentle slopes of our cool-climate San Bernabe Vineyard in Monterey, California. At Noble Vines we pay strict attention to sustainable farming to ensure this land endures for the next century and beyond. We are a founding member of the Central Coast Natural Vineyard Team and adhere strictly to appellation-specific rules for sustainably farming each of our vineyards. Deep roots with a commitment to our family and communities keep us focused on superior quality—from the way we farm to how we craft our wines.